Special Events

Large events have been put on the backburner since 2020. In 2022, let's ask ourselves, why put them off any longer?  Kodiak Testing's safe and effective Special Event Program will ensure proper testing protocols are taken prior to your event.  


Step 1: PCR Tests by mail (3 days before event)

Step 2: Rapid Tests at the entrance

Kodiak Testing will ship test kits to everyone on your guest list. A medical provider will virtually verify the test is taken correctly and packaged to be sent out. Once all results are accounted for, an updated guest list will be provided. On the day of the event, Kodiak Testing will use the updated guest list and test attendees prior to entering the venue. Any positive results will be denied entry and given local health information. 

People with Masks

Please provide us with as much information as you can below. We will reach out to schedule your Special Event Consultation within 48 hours of submission.

Event Info